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Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a way where a customer pays per click based on certain keywords. This is a very effective method to generate traffic since you know what you will get out according to what you put in – You get what you pay for.



What is Google Adwords? 


Google Adwords is a platform that will help businesses increase their reach and save money by focusing on potential customers and not advertising for the general public. Using Pay-per-click (PPC), you only pay when people have clicked on your ads or posts on Facebook. This means that you pay for what you get, so you will definitely get the clicks, but you will have to pay for it. So you basically pay so that if someone has to search for a certain keyword you chose, it will come up first in their browser.



How do we use Google Adwords?

In order to use these Adwords effectively, we at Hello Robot will analyze your company from top to bottom, from the logo you chose, company goals, target market, developing personas, and many more methods to ensure these Adwords reach the people you as a business owner want to reach and start generating leads which result in sales.



What is the cost of Google Adwords?

Since Google is PPC, your ads will be for free, unless someone clicks on them. This is a very safe way to invest money into advertising, for the people who clicked on your ads are actually interested customers, so you are paying for definite interaction with your posts, it is also important to mention, this will lead to customers clicking, but your quality and content of your Ad will determine whether you made the sale or not, not just Google Adwords.



Does Google Adwords really work? 


Short answer, YES! But it is more complicated than that. As previously explained, the Adwords working will depend on how well you have set up the keywords, are you targeting the right location, the right target market, is your Ad connected to these AdWords correctly set up and attracting customers to take further steps to interact with your business. If all of these aspects are in place, then yes, Google Adwords is a definite must to increase your reach.

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