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For more than 2 years we have provided excellent marketing services for Spectank®. It has been an interesting journey taking on a B2B cleaning supply company and being able to be apart of the changes before and after the pandemic. We have had the challenge of controlling the brand with Franchisees and getting leads for the Spectank® system. ​

Campaign components

Social media
Awareness, Retargeting, Traffic and Leads
Google Ads
Search, display and remarketing.
Campaign Implimentation
Idea, implementation and management.
Target market profiling, lead surveying and data controls.
Hyper targeting
Data sorting and targeting across channels.
Design and production.
Design and management.
Scripting, animating and production.

We were ecstatic to work with Spectank®, a brand that not only provides a system to clean the grease and grime off metal equipment, but they are also a 100% natural brand.​

Our goal here was to get leads to encourage people to rent a Spectank® system. We went to the furthest lengths to get this brand to reach their goal, even through the pandemic when restaurants were non-operational. We did their marketing for the Pick ‘n Pay Trade Show for 3 years. We got them involved in charities and events where they could teach the public about the importance of hygiene. They also have a sub brand called  Forest, which sells 100% natural and eco friendly cleaning products to the public and businesses.

Advert Samples

Notes on the campaigns

The magic of the campaigns may start with matching the creative with the target market but the actual driver that achieved the results was achieved behind the scenes. What gave us results was using the data and setting up multiple funnels and messages to convert the right person at the right time. The rest came from the natural progression of the sales agents believing that the leads were good, and so, applying themselves with confidence.

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