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Office Accessories


For a year we have provided excellent services for the office accessories industry. We have helped Krost sell office accessories in bulk and boost their brand without branding their products. We created a Facebook page and Instagram account where we advertised products. ​

Campaign components

Social media
Awareness, Retargeting, Traffic and Leads
Google Ads
Search, display and remarketing.
Campaign Implimentation
Idea, implementation and management.
Target market profiling, lead surveying and data controls.
Design and production.
We had the pleasure working side by side with Paul, the CEO of Krost Office Products. We helped them to get through the tough times of lockdown and increased their sales through social media marketing and Google Advertising.  We created Facebook carousels and brochures to push product sales. We also partnered Krost with Cecil Nurse to sell products at their showroom. This brand was unique in the fact that they did not brand their products, so we decided this was a challenge we wanted to take head on. 

Advert Samples

Notes on the campaigns

Unlike lead generation campaigns, the act of measuring branding and impact is fed back by the customer. Ads, videos, and various media channels are used in accordance with client feedback. A large portion of the impact is created by behind-the-scenes work.

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