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Campaign components

Google Ads
Search, display and remarketing.
Campaign Implimentation
Idea, implementation and management.
Target market profiling, lead surveying and data controls.
Hyper targeting
Data sorting and targeting across channels.
Design and production.
Design and management.
Catelogues and sales collateral
Design and implementation.
Website Development
Web design and maintenance. Mobile focused.
Scripting, animating and production.
don’t get stuck behind a desk. 
We had the absolute delight of working with three sports brands; Go Sports, Harlequins and Northerns Hockey (the oldest hockey club in Pretoria). We assisted Harlequins with end of year events, derby days and doing some research for their brand. With Northerns we promoted their U21 league on social media, created a marketing strategy for their brand and assisted with the marketing communications such as designing flyers. Go Sports was a sports brand that focused mainly on hockey equipment. We designed their website for them from scratch and helped their brand to grow immensely by pushing brand awareness on social media, running specials, sending out newsletters, creating video content and exploding their sales revenue with Black Friday specials. The Sports industry took a huge knock during Covid, but we still manage to pull them through the tough times.

Advert Samples

Campaigns and Adverts

Unlike lead generation campaigns, the act of measuring branding and impact is fed back by the customer. Ads, videos, and various media channels are used in accordance with client feedback. A large portion of the impact is created by behind-the-scenes work.

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