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We have a team that specializes in Website development to create a website for your company that focuses on your main goals, whether it is getting sales, call to action, blog bosts etc.

See below a list of possible websites and website attributes we offer

Landing pages

We can make a single landing page with all the information you want your customers to know. It will consist of what you do, why people need your product/ service, show any work you have produced, client feedback/comments and finally a call to action or contact form so that your clients can get in touch with you

e-Commerce website 

An e-Commerce website is a website where you would sell your product online. This means that people will be able to see photos of the product with the pricing of products. A payment portal will be linked where the user’s shopping experience will be fully automated and that the customer can reach checkout with minimal effort.

Search Engine Optimized 

We offer SEO services too! Once your website is created, we will do in-depth research on your company and the services/products you offer to your clients/ We will then optimize your website to make sure you rank higher on Google, and make sure you reach relevant customers.


Every website needs good security to protect you from spam, malicious software or unwanted visitors to your website. We generally suggest an SSL certificate for each website, which will also help Google to rank your website higher.

Additional backend website services

Google Analytics

We make sure we use google analytics on all the websites that we create. Google Analytics helps us pull data to see how your site is performing, which clients interact with your website, how far they have clicked through whether they opted out at checkout, entering payment details. We do this to narrow down how your customers behave and how to better your website to make sure your website does what it needs to, whether it is generating sales, signing up for newsletters, contacting your company etc.

See below the process we take in order to complete your website from start to finish

Client Brief

We need to understand who you are as a company and what you offer in order to create a website that is YOURS

Domain name and hosting service

We will assist in registering a domain name to get your unique URL. If you don't have a website hosting service in place already, we will provide that as well.

Look and Feel

We will discuss what type of look and feel you want for your website, whether you want to keep it simple, abstract, or something very different.

Imagery and Logos

We will need basic images that you want on your website, if you want an eCommerce website, we will need product photos. If you need any new logo designs or image creation, we have a design team that will be able to assist.

First presentation

Our web development team will compile a basic wireframe of your website and show in which direction we are moving. It will be sent to you as the client for approval before we continue building the website

Building in process

The website development team will build the website according to client needs, adding all discussed features.

Second Approval

Once the development team has designed the website, it will be sent back to you as the client for final approval before we go live with your new website.

Adding extras

Once your website is up and running, we will start adding extras like SEO, SSL certificates and analytics if these features were chosen by you as the client.

Whala !

You have a perfect running website and you are now ready to start expanding your business